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Our Research


There are many alternatives in helping to win against cancer.

We hope the future information will help you more too.


Regardless of what anyone else believes, it is important that people follow what is right for them and their own situation, the following information may not be right for you but it did fit our situation and what we were looking for. There were a few different reports of alternative ways that we looked in to and we did follow a few things. However, we are also not saying there is no place for conventional medicine because there is and we all know it has saved many lives, but we must keep in mind that treatments like chemo can actually destroy the immune system, in fact it seems to destroy all the good cells as well as the cancer cells. This leaves the weakened body in danger of other possible fatal infections and a whole new battle to rebuild the immune system.
For this reason we wanted to send our dad to the alternative hospital in Mexico as they cover all ways and keep the immune system intact.

At the start and before we raised the money to go to Mexico we had no choice but to go down the D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) route!

So what did we do?

We realised that cancer is so nasty you cannot afford to mess around trying this and that now and then as it does not get the desired results. We understand that when it comes to alternative cancer treatments you simply have to throw everything you possibly can at it. We tried all different alternatives simply because we knew it would do no harm and could only help in the long run knowing full well it would not be enough to beat the cancer. So we continued our search for a place that offered everything a successful treatment would require.

A good starting point was finding some very interesting information about balancing pH levels in the body, we read about the differences between alkaline and acidic diets, the benefits of the minerals Cesium Chloride taken in combination with Potassium. (See the quote below taken from one of the websites). We did try it but stopped as it was very strong which concerned us a little. However, this is a good information but there are safer ways to alkalise the body which we believe are better options than taking Cesium. It is not advisable to take Cesium without first consulting with your doctor/specialist first and then always work closely with them, Cesium is VERY strong and could be dangerous if not used correctly so we do not really recommend this option! 


"Cesium Chloride is one of the most alkaline elements. Otto Wartburg won a Nobel prize for showing that cancer thrives in anaerobic (without oxygen), or acidic, conditions. Research by Keith Brewer, PhD and H.E. Sartori has shown that raising the pH, or oxygen content, range of a cell to 8.0 creates a deadly environment for cancer. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, with numbers below 7 representing an acidic condition and above 7 representing an alkaline, or oxygenated, condition. When cesium is taken up by cancer cells, it raises the pH, or oxygen content, of the cell. The cells that die are absorbed and eliminated by the body. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that those taking Cesium Chloride must also supplement with POTASSIUM."

To find out more about this simply do a google search for Cesium, Cancer, Otto Wartburg, Ph Levels.

You will find a wealth of information about it.

Work with your doctor/oncologist to check your pH levels and in between this you can also do your own home tests as well using Litmus Paper. (Colour coded paper strips) A urine or saliva test can be used with these but we think the urine test is more accurate. Litmus paper can be found online (not so easy to get from the shops!). We bought ours on ebay!


Another thing we learned about are the benefits of Flax Seed Oil and Cottage Cheese called the Dr Johanna Budwig Diet. 

Another quote below taken from another site

"Six time nobel award nominated doctor says this essential nutrient
combination actually prevents and helps body to cure cancer!"

by Robert Willner, M.D.,Ph.D.

(author of "The Cancer Solution").

Once again do some searches on google for Dr Johanna Budwig Diet and you will find the above mentioned information.

Remember if using Flax Seed Oil, make sure its from a cold source and organic is always best


Obviously we would always suggest people to work with their doctor/Oncologist if introducing anything new to their diet especially if they are about to, or are already taking medication or having treatment.

Diet - Raw Organic Food Works Well.

Based on our findings of reports by top researchers and doctors, we felt we had to give some of these things a go.

Changing the diet for our dad is something we did straight away because we could and it was better than doing nothing at all while we were waiting to raise funds for the trip to Mexico. We also recognise that people are different and what may work for one person will not always work for another. Based on this we decided that rather than trying just one thing we would try a variety of things and as long as he was getting good health benefits from it, that is all that mattered. 


In order to possibly help you too we will share with you what we did at the start.

1: We worked with dad's doctor and changed his diet to high alkaline mostly RAW Organic foods, definitely cutting out Meat, Sugar and Dairy but at the same time trying to keep a pH balance as best we could. You have to be careful eating just raw foods as it will cause weight loss very fast, we found this out when dad lost 9lbs in just 2 weeks! So be sure to get the right balance.

2: We checked pH levels at home in between doctor appointments using Litmus Paper

3: We changed his diet to organic raw foods as much as possible as these hold the most nutrients.

4: We juiced fruits and veg as this helps the body to absorb nutrients faster


5: We used additional supplements to help clear his body of toxins and boost his immune system

Anti Oxidants


Colloidal Silver

Coral Calcium

Digestive Enzymes

Multi Vitamins and Minerals


One thing we found is Organic raw foods (juiced) and liquid nutrients/supplements are best. Liquid nutrients/supplements are known to enter the body faster. Tablets and capsules have their place but again we have found that quality is important, so if you're looking, look for good quality supplements.


Also do your own searches on google as we did for the following words:

Alkaline vs. Acidic, Alkaline charts, Otto Wartburg, pH Levels, Cure for cancer, alternative cancer treatment etc and you will find a lot of good information.


Please note* When you are looking at Alkaline vs. Acidic food charts you will find some of them contradict each other, however, remember you are trying to balance PH levels so its a matter of balancing the diet. A good balance would be to keep it at least 70% Alkaline and 30% Acidic.


Most importantly, we found we should stay away from foods that are highest in acidity. Cancer thrives on Sugar, Red Meats and Dairy so we avoided these.


Remember if using Flax Seed Oil and Cottage Cheese from the Budwig diet, make sure it's from a cold source and both are organic as this is always best


Always work with your doctor and if he/she is not helpful, find a new doctor who is - it's your body and you deserve to have the best help available ;-)


You can also find various links on our 'Useful Links' page for more information of where we have looked.


Another thing we found to be useful is all about learning to breathe properly. This also helps in getting more oxygen into the body although not directly into the blood stream but it all helps. There is more information on the links page about this. Exercise will also help as it can clear the body of toxins.


We understand that all this information could be confusing, it was to us and this is why we were looking for a place where we knew we would be in good hands with people who know what they are doing. However, we do believe it got us off to a good start before going to Mexico. Doing it yourself is ok for a while but we were never sure what we were doing was enough!


Anyway, we hope this information has been helpful to you and saves you a lot of time in your own search for treatment that you feel is right for you.

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